family travel blog

Another blatant attempt to link to our family travel blog

Perhaps updating said blog would garner more readers?  Here’s the “about” content from the travel blog:

Since we’ve spent a lot of our time as a family traipsing all over North Africa, the Middle East, and Western Europe, the phrase that is the blog title got kinda worn out…but in a good sense.  The guys were almost always good sports–except for the French sunflower farm incident–and usually asked the question nicely.  Sometimes, they just admitted that Dad was taking the long way, aka lost, and that they would get ‘there’ eventually.  We’ll talk about those adventures a bit here, but will endeavor (or endeavour for our British friends) to not dwell on the past.

The web address, adkins7, may be a bit misleading.  There have never been more than 5 of us total.  The youngest and bravest, Coen, lives in our hearts and with the One who created him.  There’s 4 of us now with one probably on the way out in the next couple of years and one about to start that adventure called ‘senior year of high school’.  The two adults (one female adult and one male adult-wannabe) are living unusual lives at this point.  We’ll talk about that, our past adventures in other parts of the world, and what the guys are up to these days.  So, we’ll be presumptive and believe that someone will want to know about the happenings of this family.


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