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Yeast rolls and Garbage Village

Just a situation to ponder, I suppose.  Tuesday, we are sitting in a chain restaurant enjoying  more beef than we should have, consuming more bread than we should have, and get an email from a friend in Cairo.  This email detailed the events of that hour…interreligious fighting in the area known to English speakers as Garbage Village.  An area where a large portion, if not all, of Cairo’s garbage goes to be recycled by hand; and quite efficiently, at that.  The folks there are, as one imagines, on the lowest part of the social ladder and are very kind, inviting people to be around.  It does seem, though, that even their community is not immune to the anti-Christian, anti-Muslim sentiments that permeate our news today.  We miss the drives (not the driving) out to Moqattam and the Ring Road and Orubba…