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new things coming this week. excited about life!


so what!

Rather than contributing my opinion on lots of different issues, I’ll try to stick to two things with this blog:
1. Post my paraphrased version of some articles and class lectures that center on a couple of topics that I enjoy, and,
2. For anyone interested, I’ll update you on the progress in my personal academic pursuits.

Getting Started

So, I managed to add the one post on the first of the month; but now, 12 days later, I’ve not added another.  I’ll attribute this to the fullness of my days lately although I know every blogger has the same 24 hours that I do.  I could blame it on a particular university course or two that seem to consume way more than their share of my time.  I know, though, that if the posts are to accomplish anything, then I’ll have to be more faithful to post more often.

My goal is not pure readership, but to serve as: An exchange of information on topics that interest a particular group of people and a source of updates on my progress on a MS in Agricultural Economics at Mississippi State University.