about redsEa

The title of the blog reflects my current academic and professional interests:  Rural Economic Development through Sustainable Agriculture.  It is also an intentional reference to a favorite past home; Egypt.  My family and I had the privilege of living there for only 2.5 years but the land, the language, the food, and the people left a lasting imprint on our hearts.  I am attempting another blog, a sort of past and present travels theme, that will cover our time in Egypt, Tunisia, and the other places we visited.

The intention of RedSeA is to write about topics that have caught my attention.  Usually the posts will have some tie to development economics and/or sustainable agricultural practices.  Some of my past posts on here are related to assignments for economics courses at MSU led by Dr. Jon Rezek–one of the most creative and engaging professors I had the pleasure to encounter while working on my undergrad and grad degrees.  Occasionally I may go off the grid a bit.  I hope the ag-related posts will reflect my true sentiment toward the hardworking farmers that feed us and also provoke discussion about the best parts of ‘big ag’ and ‘local food’.  I have encountered a number of farmers over the years and all of them love their land, love their jobs, and realize the importance of feeding people–those nearby and those far away.  My earliest influences in agriculture came from my Uncle Charles, who owned a few head of Herefords and a lot of pasture; and from my Granddaddy McQuaig, who had a big heart, a small garden, and a tremendous amount of fishing patience with me.

Perhaps a PhD at ISU in their GPSA is in my future.  I hope the next step of my academic pursuits takes me along that road or toward Manhattan, KS or Stillwater, OK.  After that (or maybe before that), my desire is that I will have the opportunity to enjoy a career that allows me to continue to learn from other cultures–particularly in developing economies–either through direct involvement or in an indirect supporting role.


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