next steps

I’m not gonna make resolutions, particularly about blogging more. However, I will say that the blog should be more exciting this year. The posts should now better reflect my interests and life, in general. I will maintain a separate tab on this blog for links to published journal articles or other peer-reviewed research, if any; the front page should always have some reference to those when applicable. There will also be additions to the family adventures menu tab, including upcoming adventures in the life of Son1 and Son2.

The struggles to maintain an interesting blog, concentrate on the dailies of life as a husband, dad, and graduate student are not unique, I’m sure. I also suppose finding the right topical niche is equally troubling. Where I’d like to center the bulk of my posts is at the intersection of my faith in Christ and my chosen academic interests—agriculture and development economics; sort of an attempt to flesh out Isaiah 58: 6-12, James 1:27, Deut. 24: 19-21, and Micah 6:1 in the Holy Bible. I will save a lengthier discussion of my faith for another post, but suffice it to say, for now, that I think of myself as an imperfect follower of the perfect Way.

I do not believe, as a civilized human, and particularly as a Christian, that I can totally ignore the challenges that face humans living in my neighborhood or in any other part of the world. No one person can fix (if that is the approach), explain, or eradicate (another approach?) all of the problems of today. I can, however, use the talents I’ve been given, the skills I’ve been allowed to develop, and the resources with which I’ve been blessed to impact in some positive way at least some of those that are hurting. I don’t believe in a paternalistic, I’m here to help you kind of approach. I am still working on my framework in that area. I probably neither lie at the Easterly extreme nor at the Sachs extreme in my thoughts on development aid. More to come on that, I suppose.

So, beginning today, I’ll just post on articles that interest me, try to formulate some original thought, and talk about the daily walk of an ecclesiastical (hence the title of yesterday’s post) economist. If I ever come across as having all the answers, or even most of them, call me on it. Because I don’t. At all. But, I can point you to the author of all truth.


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